Visit to Senegal 2006

ABC recently took Stet Corporation president Mr. Dean Holz to Senegal, the Land of Teranga (Hospitality) for a week long business trip to evaluate the country natural resource of neem (Azadirachta indica Juss) to incorporate in the company’s line of organic pesticide manufacturing. Other resources such as the famous national drink Bissap (Hibiscus red flowers calyxes) were identified. Below are some pictures from the trip

Investing In Senegal

Faye and Dean at Investing In Senegal
ABC President Dr. Faye and Dean Holz of Stet Corporation (manufacturers of a line of organic pesticides) at Investing In Senegal

Some of the dignitaries with whom Mr. Holtz and Dr. Faye met.

Dr Faye (left) and Dean Holtz (right) meet with a Minister of the Senegalese Government
Dr Faye (left) and Dean Holtz (right) meet with a Minister of the Senegalese Government

Promoting Neem Industry

Cashing in on Neem
Cashing in on Neem: Local villagers can supplement their income by harvesting neem.

The Minister of Industry and Handicraft with her technical staff listening attentively as Mr. Holtz and Dr. Faye explain their vision for Senegal’s neem crop.

Farmers and villagers can increase their standard of living by contributing to the neem industry.

Environmental Conditions

Milky water
Environmental degradation and bad sanitation lead to problems such as milky water.

Neem grows well despite the depleted soils and erosion, and can help stabilize and rebuild the environment.

Some of Senegal’s environment is doing quite well, as evidenced by the size of the prawn that Dr. Faye is holding.