PANS Registration & Payment

Early Bird Registration ends April 20, 2017!


Terms & Conditions

  • Disclaimer
Participants have joined or will join at their own risk. PANS will not be responsible for any inconvenience, shortcomings, or any other less fortunate happenings and occurrence not due to negligence, but due to Force Majeure, being acts of God/natural  (rain, flood, fire, extreme weather and climatic change) or manmade  (war, fire, national emergency, social/civil unrest/disturbance, event venue unavailable, etc.).
  • Organizers’ Pledge
PANS organizers are and will strive to provide helpful, clear and detailed information pertaining to the event for your enjoyable participation. But due to unpredictable and/or controllable conditions, we cannot guarantee full proof accuracy and unchangeable information.  We will do our best to update everyone on a timely and consistent matter.
  • Participation confirmation
Registration will not be confirmed until payment has been received. Confirmation could be receipt on site or by email
  • Registration promotion/Discount
Early bird rates are applicable only for registration forms with 100% payment before due date. No exception. Registrations cannot be cancelled or reimbursed, but can be transferred to designated beneficiary (ies).
  • Currency
For foreign/international delegates outside the CFA zone, summit registration fees are all expressed in US$. Prevailing exchange rates will be applied at time of registration. Due to daily rate change, CFA conversion rate will be applied at time of registration.
  • Claims. Reimbursements
PANS will not be responsible or liable for any reimbursement, loss incurred or claims made by any participant, individual or corporate delegate.
  • Legal
Any legal actions should be brought and resolved at the Country of Burkina Faso Court of Laws. Plaintiff should be responsible for his/her legal costs and/or other subsequent relevant costs if applicable.