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Our eminent project is the 6th World Neem Conference preparation for 2010 in Dakar, Senegal; the first ever in African soil.  ABC and its Senegal Neem Foundation section are co-organizing the international event in collaboration with the India Neem Foundation, the Dakar University Cheikh Anta Diop (UCAD) and Senchim.  For more, visit:

Neem trees under cultivation in Senegal The Neem plant (Azadirachta indica, Juss) is indigenous of India where is has been used for centuries for several purposes. Known as the “Village Pharmacy” and the “Tree For Solving Global Problems”, the neem tree is widely spread in West Africa since the early 1960’s, especially in Senegal where it is known as the “Independence Tree”. Among more than one hundred active biochemical components, Azadirachtin is one of the main ingredient in the tree.

The tree oil and other exctracts have healing properties: contraceptives, cavity and gingivitis prevention, fever reducer, malaria prevention as natural insecticide, crop pest control (locusts), cosmetics, tonic pills and drinks, soil amendment and livestock feed, among others. According to the 1991 National Research Council recent survey, Senegalese neem oil sample tripled the Azadirachtin content worldwide. New census by Dyna Enteprise 2003 reported up to 30 million mature neem trees in Senegal. The Neem tree exploitation is very sustainable since the plant is not always destroyed in the process: ex.: fruit and seed and leaf collection. The plant is very rustic and fast growing. Neem awareness is recognized internationally to claim an annual world conference under the hoppice of Neem Foundation (

ABC is involved in the rational exploitation of this natural resource for its medicnal, economical and environmental benefits.

Neem is the Wonder Tree

This neem pulp will be used as a natural insecticide Technology for Neem oil extraction is readily available throughout the world. Neem manufacturing products are in high demand and several manufacturing companies are readily in business trying to satisfy their natural product consuming and environment sensitive market. Along with a good natural resource management program, Neem can be an income generator and a sustainable medicinal alternative in developing countries. With the more than ten million mature trees in Senegal alone and the authoritative documentation of Senegal’s species having the highest azadirchtin content in the seeds, there is a reasonable opportunity preserve this natural resource while engaging in its rational exploitation.

ABC’s long foresight for neem technology (NeemTech) as lucrative market for rural economic growth is being discovered. As Dr. Faye said during his 2002 nationally televised neem awareness in Senegal, “With neem, Senegal is sitting on a gold mine. It’s time to get up and stard digging”.
NeemTech is a ABC project oriented toward the rational exploitation of this natural resource.

We look for serious investors interested in this green gold.

Support Neem Fair Trade. The Fayenne GIE, a success story

Playing in a Neem tree During its September 2006 visit to Senegal, an ABC team led by the founder Dr. Faye visited several neem activities. Among them was The GIE Fayenne.

Cheikh Faye is a small business owner in Kaolack, Senegal with an innovative mind. He captured the oppportunity for neem as income generation after watching the 2002 Africa Bound Corporation National Neem Awareness TV broadcasting in Senegal titled: “Neem! We Are Sitting on a Gold Mine; It is Time to Stand Up and Start Digging” campaign. Cheikh first founded a family GIE (Economic Interest Group) he named GIE Fayenne and raised about US$70.00 to buy an oil press made locally from a half 55 gal drum with a vertical screw system. After collecting and purchasing neem seeds from the surrounding villages, Cheikh started his cold press oil enterprise, soap making and soil amendment manure.

Cheikh shows ABC delegation his neem operationHe presently supplies neem oil and soaps for skin care to the local market. His soil amendment (neem seed coat, and cake) and oil are also used on his Hibiscus gardens, not just to provide soil nutrients for the plants, but also to control nematodes and other pests.

ABC visited him and promised to support his leadership effort and his sustainable approach toward supporting his family. With less than $100, Cheikh is harnessing some of the multiple benefits of this wonder tree. He is now working on a small neem plantation and to get his small factory out of his house.

Would you help Cheikh to replicate his effort to end poverty by sponsoring some neem oil press purchases or to have a small manufacturing shop for more neem GIEs?

Senegal Neem Group/Task Force

In 2002, ABC founded the Senegal Neem Group to rally the country’s interest in the neem tree. Minutes (in French).¬† In December 2008, The Mozambican journalist Mr. Eugene Ulman (AlJareera English) traveled to Senegal and with the help of ABC and its SNG in Dakar filed this wonderful documentary:¬† During the 2002 World Neem Conference in Mumbai, India, ABC, through Dr. Faye has the opportunity to make the front page of the Indian Express Daily along with the pretisgious Neem expert Prof. Schmutterer.¬† See:

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