Cultural exchange activities are a crucial part in diversity awareness. IAAK focuses in providing international experience to kids of all ages, origin, religion and creed. The program involves planning and executing African trips for kids in organized groups and staying in African family setting where they can experience real life interactions. In such visits, kids will understand parents/children relationship, school practices, types of toys other kids make and play with. In addition, they will explore traditional and modern African way of life. At the end of their stay, the pilgrims will be valuable spokespersons among their peers and schools through organized African presentations and testimonials in a show and tell approach. While their African counterparts will benefit from the interaction, they will return home full of overseas memories, artifacts and a desire to embark to another African Odyssey. Similar experience will enrich the African kid’s trip during their American exploration.

Seynabou’s 2004 Olympics in Senegal. 45 days in Africa: A last

No need to qualify to be olympian. Simply show up and have fun.

Hosted for the 2nd consecutive year by Kaolack City Mayor Pro-Tem, Hon. B. Sarr, Hon. Bounamaa Diallo and Lamine Senghor, elected Village Chiefs of Samamoussa and Camp des Gardes respectively, as well as her dad’s family in Kaolack, Seynabou, 15, organized and coordinated her IAAK program: the first Youth Olympics in her adopted African villages.

Ribbons, trophies, school supplies, soccer gears, and basket ball were among the well appreciared gifts to the two villages youth. Two Grundig Wind-up radios were given to one village chief and another villager for outstanding local support.

The different disciplines were: tug of war, egg on spoon race, burlese bag one foot race, soccer, and more American plays. More than 300 childreen participated. Look for pictures coming up soon.

In 2002, gifts from the USA included: Uno cards, soccerballs, volleyballs and basketballs, nitendo games and jokes.

Seyna will be touring schools to share her experience in Africa. Last year, she was invited by the Texas State Univ., San Marcos, TX to give a presentation to the pre-K and to the Modern Language Faculty and African Student Association.

Seyna was awarded the 2003 Business Opportunity Symposium Series (BOSS) Third International Conference Outstanding Outreach Award.

She is already into her 2005 fund raising program selling African bracelets. Would you like to support.

Any parent interested in joining the program may contact us for more info. Any help to support the project is welcome.

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