ABC office and pilot building In its multi-cultural diversity program, Africa Bound has made available acres of land to support African cultural exchange activities and to foster awareness in diversity.

Slowly, but surely, Fayekunda African Village and Center (FAVC) dream is becoming a reality. Located in a 10-acre lush jungle site in Cedar Creek, Bastrop Co., TX., FAVC will offer opportunity to visit Africa rich culture in a beautiful community setting with programs that enable the American community (schools, churches, visitors) to discover African art, crafts, music, and diverse ethnic activities. Summer camp activities, exotic resorts and weekend getaways will be an important part in FAVC project.

FAVC supports an African dance and drumming ensemble. A dance and drumming academy will facilitate performing classes and will provide a steady and secure venue for rehearsal and teaching from reputable African artists. Visitors will have the opportunity for a real exotic experience. The program will enhance the culture difference and similarities. Local and national organizations will play an important role in this cultural project. Give us a call if you want to visit or be part of the dream that is shaping up. Everybody welcome.

Fayekunda on the rough: trees, valleys and hills…and work

Whatch us grow. The African Village project (in progress) is modeled on the ones found in most African countries where an area is uniquely dedicated to craftmen: ironsmith, leather, wood, clothing… Art forms are made either for pure esthetic or utensils. This gathering of talents in one setting enhances creativity, productivity and togetherness. Finished products will be exhibited for sale to the public and/or trade among crafters. Lessons will also be taught at the site with eloquent instructions and heavy hand-on participation. Come be part of the journey. It is nice to spend a week-end in a relaxed camping area after a hard day of work. At night, camp around a fire and share thoughts, drumming and more…

Santaane (A Call of Community Work)

Santaane is a West Africa Senegal word from the Wolof ethnic group. It is very frequent, especially in the Senegal countryside to call for help on a task at end. It can be weeding a field, building or repairing a house, digging or cleaning a well, etc…The host provides the hospitality (foods, drinks, welcome) and able bodies come to work, bond and enjoy the gathering.

June 21, 08 was a landmark date for the project, the first official Santaane at the FayeKunda African Village for the first African hut building party. The performing stage and the¬†Natural Sunken Amphitheater are. ¬†Now, the stage is set for the Grand Opening Festival on Nov. 15, 2008. Let’s celebrate. For more information, please contact:¬†ddfaye@africabound.oorg or (512) 294-1732.


From Ben White/Hwy 71, East toward Bastrop
a)- At the ABI Airport level, drive about 13 miles to the Yellow blinking lights on 71 East (the only ones).
b)- Pass the lights and go 1mi. Note: If you go pass MCKinney Roughs on your left,
you went too far
c)- Make a RIGHT on the access road to Still Forest Rd.
e)- Go about 1 mi and turn LEFT on CEDAR ST.
f)- Then a quick RIGHT to LAKE FRONT
h)- LEFT on JONES RD (dirt road).
i)- Follow Jones Rd. on RIGHT and Look for 2nd mail box # 340. Four columns and black iron gate.

You are in!

Follow flaggers’ directions to the paking lot.¬†

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