Africa Bound’s programs cover a wide span of activities. Most projects include a multi-disciplinary approach that promotes harmonious development. Some of Africa Bound’s main interests include

NeemTech and the Senegal Neem Group

Neem trees in Senegal The Neem plant, known as the “Village Pharmacy” and the “Tree For Solving Global Problems” is indigenous of India where is has been used for centuries for a multitude of purposes. The neem tree is widely spread in West Africa – According to USAID DynaEnterprise 2003 Repport Senegal has between 18 and 30 million mature neem trees. Its healing potential ranging from contraceptives, cavity and gingivitis prevention, fever reducer, use as natural insecticide, cosmetics, soil amendment and livestock feed

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Water for All “Walagangane”

Most if not all African countries face a large deficit in available potable water to sustain normal living conditions. In African rural areas, the heavy exodus from farming to the uncertain city life is often due to the lack of water to raise crop and livestock for sustainability in the farmland. It is a regular practice for women to walk more than five miles to fetch 2-3 gallons of water for the daily family needs.

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Computer literacy and training program

Large numbers of functioning computers, monitors, and peripherals are currently considered “obsolete” in the rapid upgrade mania of western countries. Africa Bound feels that working computer systems can and should be made available to those who have a need and desire. The plethora of the computer surplus in the USA alone can significantly contribute to fill the technology gap in the African education system.

Malaria Prevention

With millions of kids and elderly dying every year, malaria is one of the most deadly tropical diseases in the world. Despite efforts to combat malaria with conventional western drugs and the potential offered by future development of vaccines, there is currently little chance for the poor to survive this debilitating malady. However, there is hope in managing the disease through prevention by reducing theincidence of exposure to the mosquito vectors.

Africa Bound founder Dr. Faye is an Entomologist with interest in applied and preventive Integrated Pest Management. Africa Bound’s approach focuses on health education, epidemiology, sanitation and common sense approaches

FayeKunda African Village and Center

In its multi-cultural diversity program, Africa Bound has made available acres of land to support African cultural exchange activities and to foster awareness in diversity.

Fayekunda African Village and Center (FAVC) offers the opportunity to visit Africa rich culture in a beautiful community setting in Bastrop, Texas

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It’s All About Kids – IAAK

Cultural exchange activities are a crucial part in diversity awareness. IAAK focuses in providing international experience to kids of all age, origin, religion and creed. The program involves planning and executing African trips for kids in organized groups and staying in African family settings where they can experience real life interactions.

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