Neem of Africa (NoA), Umbrella of all African Neem Foundations

Our Neem Foundation is now a reality in several African countries and it is poised for expansion in other countries as well. This foundation actualizes the creation of a formal NoA umbrella status, with offshoots in countries where Neem is indigenous to the region. This represents 38 million Neem trees out of the total Neem trees worldwide (78 million). This coordinated approach will echo NoA efforts creating a network to share research, best practices and practical strategies to promote/advocate brand Neem. The African continent began a focused study of the Neem industry in the early 1900s. One of the most important observations and findings, which led to further scientific investigations, was made in Africa during a locust outbreak — where Neem trees were the only ones not defoliated (Schmutterer, 1957).

African Neem, particularly in Senegal, reports one of the highest quality levels of azadirachtin (NRC, 1991). More than 45 African countries have Neem in abundance in their ecosystem. This represents more than 83% of the overall African continent. In Senegal alone, USAID/DynaEnterprise census (2003) estimate between 18-30 million of neem trees. However, few Neem scientific and educational events have taken place in Africa. The predominant educational and research conferences have been led under the movement in India which resulted in the Indian Neem Foundation. Recently empirical as well as scientific activities have triggered interest among African nations. The evolution of Neem research around its potential benefits is being explored by multinational firms with patenting efforts to capitalize on its health and agricultural benefits.

The Neem tree is present in 51 of 54 African countries. Yet there has been little to no significant efforts to counter the external exploitation of this indigenous tree by external parties. Finally, Africa has decided to celebrate the NoA and commit to creating initiatives to empower the African Neem industry.

As a result, we have received the official and very honorable support of His Excellency Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, President of Burkina Faso through his Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba and his Minister of Green Economy, Environment and Climate Change, Honorable Batio Bassière.

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  • APIX – Agency for Promotion of Investments and Big Projects.
  • Presidence de la Republique du Senegal
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  • US Embassy in Senegal (Dakar)
  • U.S. Embassies in Africa – US Department of State 

Board & Partners/Collaborators
Board members

Dr. Doudou D. Faye, Founder/President

Dr. Faye is the founder of ABC. His goal is to give back to the community in his quest for making a difference and filling the inner satisfaction of the volunteer spirit. Dr. Faye has an extensive experience and background in environmental stewardship, with an emphasis on rational exploitation of African natural resources to generate income leading to sustainability. Dr. Faye is an entomologist specialized in Integrated Pest management (IPM) with a focus on malaria prevention in Africa. He is also an international tenor in neem advocacy and environment awareness. He is the Chair of the Pan-African Neem Summit Burkina-2017 and founder of Neem of Africa project.

Dr. Faye is native of Kaolack, Senegal. He graduated as Entomologist/Agronomist from Texas Tech University in Lubbock (1991). Dr. Faye served as the Senegal Institute Senegal for Agricultural Research/ISRA Cotton and Food Crop Senior Entomologist. He worked as consultant with several organizations, including USAID environment and Integrated Pest Management in Africa on termites and mosquitoes. He co-authored a compendium on identification and description of empirical and research-based alternatives for rural development in Senegal and the Gambia (French and English versions). As a neem (Azadirachta indica, Juss) specialist, Dr. Faye attended and contributed in several India Neem Foundation World Neem Conferences, with the most recent one in 2007 in Coimbatore, India.

Dr. Faye was selected among the Senegalese scientists in the Diaspora by the University of Dakar (UCAD)/UNPD/Senegal Government to attend the first UCAD Diaspora Day in 2007. He is the founder of Senegal Neem Foundation ( and the Neem of Africa (NoA), an Africa Bound Corporation umbrella for all Neem Foundations in Africa. In the USA, he served as Stet Corporation ( Senior Scientist. He is also the owner of CommonSense Pest Management, a small pest management business in Cedar Creek, TX where he received the Austin State Farm Insurance Unsung Hero Award in 1999.

Presently, Dr. Faye focuses on botanicals pesticides and income generation for rural communities in Senegal with emphasis on the rational exploitation of the neem tree, while building the FayeKunda African Village in his 10-acre land in Cedar Creek, a cultural program of his NGOs.

Al Ostroot (Al), Treasurer

Mr. Ostroot is one of the initial board of directors of ABC. Mr. Ostroot brings his rich experience in community development, grass roots activities from his successful earlier involvement in native indian ngo administration and management, as well as laudable organizational background. As he puts it: Who I have primarily been in my life is best expressed as a leader and collaborator in the enterprise of creating empowered communities, organizations and individuals”. In the course of that, I have co-created and led organizations tasked with shifting the paradigms and therefore the real-world experience of individuals and cultures enmeshed in the disempowerment associated with poverty, discrimination as well as most forms of self-limiting beliefs.

In the unfolding pursuit and expression of that organizing principle in my life, I have had the privilege of a liberal education in philosophy, literature, history, and political science. I’ve had the opportunity to express this theme in a range of career settings: Lutheran Pastor of 4 rural congregations in South Dakota. Grass-roots organizer of a Community Action Agency on the Lake Traverse Sioux Reservation in N.E. South Dakota. Executive Director of the N.E.S.D Community Action Agency‚ Äì 14 Program Components, 256 employees. Senior Trainer for Leadership Institute for Community Development, Washington D.C. Staff Chairman for a national initiative to create a National Manpower Planning Strategy/LICD & the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Director of Training in Federal Region VI for Community Nutrition Institute; Title III & VII Older Americans Act. Owner-President of ARO Designs, ad-specialty agency. Owner-President of Organizations by Design; Corporate coach and organizational process consultant. Owner-Partner of AITEC Nations Inc. (MBE & DBE) Structured Network Cabling. Owner-Partner of Pawnee Alliance Technical Solutions, Inc. with the Pawnee Tribe of OK.
Each of these career arenas have been the occasion for me to develop my capacity to produce real results in a way that fulfills my fundamental commitment to have a world that works for everyone with no one left out. I have produced some very powerful results in many instances and in some settings, produced more learning than success.

The Community Action initiative with the Sioux is an example of a successful, transformative process, shifting paradigms and changing whole institutions permanently, allowing the lives of a people (Lakota) to be restored within the very context that had thwarted them. The nature of the restoration process came to terms with the contemporary realities of rural American life in a way that produced a win-win dynamic and a new form of cross-cultural partnership previously not experienced by either. As a part of this journey I have also been affiliated with or recognized by certain entities that reflect my core values. The following are some examples: Honoring ceremony by the Sisseton-Wahpeton Sioux Tribe. Board member of the National Association for Community Development. Board member of Africa Bound Corporation.

Valdiodio Faye (Waly), Secretary

Waly is also one of the initial board of directors of ABC. Waly is very active in the day-to-day ABC activities. His experience in public relations, task orientation and getting the job done with a unique sense of readiness and availability brings a huge contribution to the organization. As he grows the organization, he is also at the same time bettering himself daily to be more than what he says he could be. He is presently pursuing an MBA to better serve ABC and fulfill his dream. His background is electronic engineering. As he puts it:
I am native of Senegal, West Africa, brother of Dr. Faye, the founder.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and after finishing my degree in Electronic Technology, I worked for Applied Materials Austin as an Engineering tech and team lead of 5 from 1993 to 1997.


UCAD Université Cheikh Anta Diop and member institutions

One of the most prestigious university in Africa, UCAD has more than 70,000 students from all over Africa, and the world. ABC has officially teamed with UCAD to promote mutually beneficial.

Kenya Ahadi Chigger Management Project
Chiggers/sand fleas are major pests in some parts of Africa where local NGOs and the government join efforts to bring about effective management measures. ‘Ahadi’ is the Swahili word for ‘promise’. An NGO started in 2007 aimed to eradicate jiggers, a promise for a better, healthier life. Our mission is to create a better life for people, a promise to bridge the poverty gap by empowering poor communities by halting and reversing the spread of jiggers (Tunga penetrans). Our network in Africa includes: Kenya with 43 centres. Tanzania with 2 centres. Uganda with 1 centre.

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