2009 Pan African Conference

The University of Texas at Austin Presents:

The 2009 Pan African Conference on Africa

Science – Technology – Environment

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ABC has been invited to present. Dr. Faye’ s Talk will be at UT campus. Location: ‚Äì Quadrangle Room 3.304 9am-10:30am (tentative time) on Sunday Mar, 29.

His subject will be:
The State of neem (Azadirachta indica, Juss) in Africa with specific reference to Senegal in meeting the UN Millennium Goals. Dr. Faye will also be talking about the ABC Malaria Prevention, and other ABC activities in Africa.

The conference will be open to the public too.  Just go on campus, find the location, enter to listen, mingle and network. However, if anyone is interested in the banquets and other more formal activities, he/she needs to register (I think $65 for the whole three day conference. Not bad!!!!). There is a link on the site above to register. I think this will be a very good opportunity to learn about the neem and for the potential business prospects for this untaped gold mine, it would be a good intro.

Learn more by visiting:  http://www.utexas.edu/conferences/africa