Call For Paper and Invitational. Final Call For Abstracts

 You Are Invited. Please Submit!

**Final Call For Abstract Submission**

We are pleased to inform and invite you to the first Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS).

NOTE:Due to crucial reasons beyond our control, we are moving PANS dates from:  May 24-26, 2017.  Therefore the Call For Contribution deadlines below have been changed accordingly (providing more time). We have also included more travel details to be updated as needed. We are also working in recalling the Youtube videos to correct the dates.  Please share this update with your network. We are also reaching out to the large response base received to express our apology for any inconvenience this date change may bring. Very truly!

PANS characteristic details are as follows:

Event Name:      Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS)

Theme:                The African Neem: Reality and Potential

Venue:                 SIAO-Ouaga (

Country:             Burkina Faso, West Africa

City:                     Ouagadougou

Date:                    May 24, 25, 26, 2017

Hosts:                  Africa Bound Corporation/Neem of Africa and Burkina Neem Foundation


Other links:

Youtube: Please change the dates to: May 24, 25, 26, 2017




 The African continent has adopted the first neem introduction in the early 1900s. One of the most important observation (anti-feeding), leading to scientific investigations and findings were made in Africa during a locust outbreak where neem trees were the only ones not defoliated (Schmutterer, 1957). African neem, precisely in Senegal, has also been reported with among the highest quality in azadirachtin (NRC, 1991). More than 45 African countries have neem in abundance in their ecosystem.  That is more than 83% of the overall African continent. In Senegal alone, USAID/DynaEnterprise census (2003) estimated between 18-30 million neem trees. Few neem events took place in Africa under the leadership of the neem movement in India which resulted in Neem Foundation based in India. Furthermore empirical as well as scientific activities have triggered interest (ICIPE in Kenya, and several African universities).

In countries or places where neem is not well known to the point of considering it as trivial botanical invasive species, neem has grown to contradict such reputation to the point of being subject to big international business giants patenting efforts  to praising qualifiers The Village Pharmacy, The Cure for Forty Diseases, The Tree for Solving Global Problems and most recently the Tree of 21st Century.

With 51 countries out of 54 in  the African countries (96.44%) where neem is present in considerable population, but with timid or no veritable rational exploitation, Africa has finally decided to celebrate the Neem of Africa (NoA). As a result, we have received the official and very honorable support of His Excellency Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, President of Burkina Faso through his Prime Minister Paul Kaba Thieba and his Minister of Green Economy, Environment and Climate Change, Honorable Batio Bassière.

PANS aims to provide an international forum to the neem scientists, researchers, NGOs and private entities to better understand this African green treasure, to rationally harness its virtues and other socio-economic opportunities. We will celebrate during this three-day event phyto-benefits in generals with emphasis on  Neem.

We invite all neem advocates to look into this new program as contributors participants (presenters), exhibitors, observers, phyto futurists in many aspects: creation of a  Neem Foundation organization, pioneering R&D endeavors, reforestation and industrial  plantation, the list is long,.

The event also encourages youth participation as part of NoA trans-generation program.

Main topics around the Main Theme Reality and Potential will focus on: scientific and technological research and development, advocacy, entrepreneurship, vanguard ship on:

  • Human Health
  • Animal Health
  • Plant Health
  • Environment Health
  • Commercial

Guide to contributors/authors

Contributions will go through a review board for appreciation.  Rejection decision will not be discussed. Unless otherwise stated, presenters/authors should pay their registration fee(s), which is a partial requirement of the acceptance process.

Contribution Title          

Title should be closely pertinent and related to abstract and work. Concise and precise

Abstract (include keywords/ tags)            

Not to exceed 300 words (no exception)

Note: All PANS attendees are not scientists. So, while naming a biological organism, please state its common name first and its binomial (scientific) name in parenthesis (in italic). If possible, provide: Family and Order. Ex: House fly (Musca domestica; Muscidae, Diptera). Neem tree (Azadirachta indica; Meliaceae; Sapindales).

Deadline to submit abstracts      

April 25, 2017 

Acceptance notification

May 05, 2017 

Deadline for submission of full final document of accepted applicants

May 10, 2017 

Poster Presentation (exhibition during the 3-day event)

Should follow full document guidelines with clear illustrations

Format (all documents)

Microsoft Word (at least 97-2003 Version). Font: Times New Roman. Font size: 12

Duration (Please request one. Acceptance solely granted by Review Board)

  • Regular Session:20mn (12mn talk; 8mn questions/answer)
  • Plenary Session:50mn (35mn talk; 15mn question/answer)

Presentation during event

Simple Stand-and-Deliver (no visual illustration); Power Point; Video

Send via email attachment and provide content in flash drive in PDF format if relevant

To submit correspondence (inquiry, abstract, full document, poster)

Email attachment at: or

Travel Details

PANS will provide Letter of Invitation upon request, if needed for entry visa application

– Health Preventive Medicine

Please consult up-to-date advisory information for required or recommended vaccinations. The State will also provide an M.D. Health Assistance from the Health Ministry throughout the event.

Hotel accommodations

PANS is working with Laico Hotel for special rates to grant to the participants. Other options will be provided in the website or in country.

Food Provision/Supply

Registration fee will cover special events: Reception, tea/coffee breaks, closing ceremony


Summit security will be provided under the leadership of the Head of Police

Other considerations

The Local/National Organization Committee will work on all other details. All suggestions are welcome.

Weather Forecast for May 2017 in Ouagadougou

The average maximum daytime temperature in Ouagadougou in May is a very hot 38°C (100°F) with extreme heat & humidity. There are usually 8 hours of bright sunshine each day, which represents 65% of the 13 hours of daylight. Expect 74mm (2.9 inches) of rainfall across the whole of May with 6 days with some rain falling. Maximum UV levels will be extreme (11+ UV index) at midday when the skies are clear. The average night-time temperature is usually a warm 27°C (81°F).
  •  38°C (100oF) max day temperature
  • 8 hours sunshine per day (65% of the 13 hours of daylight)
  • 11+ (Extreme) UV index at noon
  • 6 days with some rainfall
  • 27°C (81oF) min night temperature
  • 13 hours of daylight per day
  • Extreme heat & humidity
  • 74 mm of monthly rainfall (2.9 inches distributed in 6 days). 


  • There are no airlines flying direct from United States to Ouagadougou. Other airlines flying to Ouagadougou: Air France – Asky Airlines – Brussels Airlines – Delta Airlines – Ethiopian Airlines – Royal Air Maroc – Turkish Airlines – United Airlines.


Prices are just for reference (from Internet), but not officially collected from hotel administrators. PANS is not endorsing any hotel. We are working on discounting to be shared on time when available. 

  • PAN National/Burkina Organization Committee
  1. Doudou D. Faye             Chairman, International Coordinator
  2. Ouedraogo G. Albert National Coordinator
  3. Ilboudo Simon President  of National Organization Committee
  4. Kabore Daniel Media and Communication
  5. Mrs, Nacro Fleure                Marketing
  6. Idogo Sekou Transports an Logistics
  7. Nikiema Pelagie          Accountant/Treasurer
  8. Banworo Salimata        Secretary
  9. Zongo Jacqueline         Food Service
  10. Pelagie Ouedraogo Medical Assistance Provider
  11. Gladys Compaore Welcome/Hostess
  12. Sibiri Sina                       Summit Adviser / General Secretary Ministry of Environment
  13. Abdoulaye Sereme Adviser and Director Agriculture Prime Ministry
  14. Dicko Amadou              Communication Director Ministry of Mines
  15. J. Marie Ouedraogo National Police Director. Commissary Security
  • Burkina Faso Neem Foundation Board Members
  1. Ouedraogo Albert President/Founder
  2. Ilboudo Simon Executive Director
  3. Banworo Salimata General Secretary
  4. Sanogo Djibril Treasurer
  5. Milogo Mathieu : Program Officer
  6. Sedogo Joël Public Relation/Communication
  • PAN International Organization Committee (in progress)
  1. Doudou D. Faye:          Chairman. Africa Bound Corporation / Neem of Africa (NoA)
  2. Al Ostroo :                     Africa Bound Corp. Board Member, Texas, USA
  3. Ouedraogo G. Albert:  Chief Coordinator PAN Burkina-2017. Burkina Neem Foundation
  4. Ramesh C. Saxena:      India Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  5. Joaquin Morgado:       Portugal Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  6. S. A. van der Esch:       Italy Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  7. Omar Sock:                    Senegal Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  8. Boubacar Cissé:            Senegal Associate/Advisor
  9. Papa Abdou Faye:        Africa Bound Corp./Senegal Neem Foundation Rep.
  10. Dieudone Solgue:        Chad Coordinator. Chad Neem Foundation
  11. M. A. Hakim:                Bangladesh Neem Foundation and Scientific Committee Member
  12. Ousmane Ndiath:        Madagascar Coordinator. Scientific Committee Member
  13. Amal N. Elbeshbishi: Morocco Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  14. Amanda Hovey:          Media Content and Design, Texas, USA
  15. Esther Pehe:                Ivory Coast Coordinator. Ivory Coast Neem Foundation
  16. Habibatou Toure:       Mali Coordinator. Mali Neem Founation
  17. Feleke Milikias:           Ethiopia Coordinator. Ethiopia Neem Foundation
  18. Juda Kenya:                 Coordinator. Kenya Neem Foundation
  19. Saliou Niassy:              ICIPE Kenya  Scientific Committee Member
  20. Sergio Sanchez Pena: Mexico Coordinator and Scientific Committee Member
  21. Vicki Parson:                USA. Neem Tree Farms
  22. Christophe Dewanou: Benin Coordinator. Benin Neem Foundation
  23. List in progress
  •  For any inquiries regarding PANS, please contact at: or
  • We look forward to seeing you at PANS. Ouagadougou, Burkina-2017.
  • Additional contacts:
  • Dr. Doudou D. Faye, PANS Chairman
  • President/Founder Africa Bound Corporation/Senegal Neem Foundation
  • Phone: Office: 001-512-321-9911.  Cell/Whatsapp/Viber: 001-512-294-1732.  Skype: takander
  •  Mr. Albert G. Ouedraogo
  • President/Founder of Burkina Neem Foundation
    PANS National Coordinator
    Vice-president Neem of Africa (NoA)
  • Phone: 011-226-70-15-1081 / 011-226-76-02-8293 /  011-226-78-86-8032
  • Sincerely,
  • For PANS,
  • Dr. D. D. Faye, Summit Chair