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Call For Paper and Invitational

 Call For Paper / Invitation
We are pleased to inform and invite you to the first Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS). PANS characteristic details are as follows:
Event Name:      Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS)
Theme:                The African Neem: Reality and Potential
Venue:                 Hotel Laico Ouaga-2000
Country:             Burkina Faso, West Africa
City:                     Ouagadougou
Date:                    February 23-25, 2017
Hosts:                  Africa Bound Corporation/Neem of […]

ABC Outreach to Haiti

After the 2010 devastating quake in  Haiti, Bastrop Advertiser Weekly newspaper (Bastrop, Texas) contacted ABC to learn more about our outreach program to Haiti.  ABC has collected medical supplies donated by Amala Foundation, another local Austin, Texas non-profit organization previously destined to Africa.  With the collaboration of a local church in Bastrop willing to defray […]

Le Dr Doudou Faye : “l’exploitation du “Neem” peut procurer à l’Afrique des retmbées financières énormes “


Un scientifique sénégalais, le Dr Doudou Faye, a déclaré mercredi à Dakar que l’unité africaine peut être réalisée à travers une exploitation optimale des ressources naturelles tel que le “Neem” si le continent veut faire face aux besoins de son développement.
S’exprimant lors d’un symposium sur la création des Etats unis d’Afrique, le Dr Faye a […]

Neem of Africa (NoA) First Pan-African Neem Summit (PANS). Burkina 2017


NoA is the umbrella entity of ABC where all the African Neem Foundations converge.
It is also the international platform and link to the neem world.
We are pleased to invite you to the first Pan-African Neem Summit -PANS
Where: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Venue: Laico Hotel Ouaga 2000
Date: February 23-25, 2017

Come take part to this world celebration of the African neem in […]

ABC successful exhibit in the 2015 Dakar, Senegal Ag Fair


29 April 2015
ABC successful exhibit in the 2015 Dakar, Senegal Ag. Fair

I am back from a very successful trip to Senegal at the 16th annual FIARA (International Agriculture and Animal Resources Fair), a 15 day event, followed by in country well drilling workshops (more pics) later. I was with my partner Greg all the way […]

Fundraising: African Art and Clothing Sale!

Africa Bound Corporation
Senegal Flood Relief Program
A Nationwide Fundraising
Donation may be claimed for tax deduction
The early signs and effects of Global Warming are slowly but surely expressing themselves with inclement weather patterns and disturbances of worldly impact.
The peaceful and beautiful Senegal, West Africa has been literally under water after heavy rains start wreacking havoc in the […]

When international aid becomes crippling

Another fruit from the 2011 Utah trip.  This article is more than current. It depicts what Africa Bound Corporation has been heralding, always.  In fact, it simply summarizes supports and illustrates our motto: Empowerment – Leadership – Sustainability.    Click here for the article:

Killeen Afra’Am Festival

[ August 6, 2011; ] ABC proudly represented Senegal and Africa by and large in the 2nd Afra’Am Festival in Killeen, Texas on August 6, 2011.  We thank Mr. ElHadj Aziz Gueye, Head of the Senegal Tourism Office in Atlanta, GA for providing ample brochures and other Senegal informative materials for our numerous visitors during the one-day event.  The performance […]

ABC/SNF Honored at Assocham 3rd Herbal/Medicinal Conf. in India

Conference Trip Report/Minute
Association of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham)
3rd. Herbal International Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and Spices (hi-MAPS) Conference.
New Delhi, India Jan 15-16, 2011
 Dr. Doudou D. Faye, President/Founder and Africa Bound Corporation/Senegal Neem Foundation Honored in New Delhi, India

Dr. Faye addressing Assocham Conference. New Delhi 2011
After several months of […]

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